IWB Institute

We bring together people, culture, and ideas.

Promoting potential.

We connect the dots between individual values and organizational efforts. Our leadership and faculty are meaning makers and cross-pollinators who are leading positive social change, helping consumers and clients develop their potential, and promoting it through mindshare, advocacy, and service.

More about IWBI
  • Driving solutions forward with creativity and an entrepreneurial ethos that leave an authentic sustainable world for future generations.

  • How organizations and individuals can use it to be more innovative, distinctive, and successful. How to use our creative instinct and creativity to shape our world.

  • You're capable of generating your solutions. Our coaching is future focused, using coaching processes, helping you deepen your learning, improve your performance, and enhance your quality of work and life.

  • Events and services that strengthen collaboration to drive cultures of creativity, streams of innovation, and shared ownership across your organization.

Connect the dots.

We are developing educational practices, learning environments, immersive learning programs, coaching journeys, and talent and learning development for:

  • Promoting Potential. We know how to drive change. Our atmospherics and optics focus on the whole system, combining personal transformation with applied business activities and change management in ways few else can in promoting potential—mindshare, learning, and professional development.

  • Substantive. We are bringing the best of IWB | IWBIs knowledge and content to our research, educational practices and action learning. This is coming from our work with clients on their most critical challenges—bridging the gap between cross-cultural management; building purpose and improving performance across value and supply chains in organizations; leadership and talent development.

  • Scientific. Our interventions, based on a human science approach, are measuring our outcomes using a mosaic of analytical techniques and diagnostics.

  • Innovative. Our leading-edge capabilities are both a craft and art (tradecraft & street craft) that include world-class digital learning platforms, instructor-led and blended programs. Our teams of experts, consultants, academics, and facilitators are collaborating globally to develop multi-faceted learning experiences.

  • Proven. We are taking professional development seriously, as so should you. Our alumni network is growing with CEOs, senior leadership teams, decision makers, influencers and stakeholders across the private, public, and social sectors.