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Improving lives, relationships, and performance.

IWBI matches your needs with our coaches, facilitators, and professional trainers.

This partnership brings relevant experience and rich insights, including a real and measurable difference in your life, relationships, and business performance.

Our Coaches design a custom package for you based on your needs, like overcoming your current obstacles, planning your future goals, and achieving the success you want.

We offer a free, 30 minute consultation for new customers.

Get started, easily.

  1. Tell us what you’d like to achieve or work on, to improve your life, relationships, and/or business performance.

  2. Schedule a FREE 30-min call with one of our Coaches to ensure there’s a good fit before making a commitment. Our coaches are trained to assist you during this process.

  3. Get to know your Coach and discuss your goals and pricing and then get started!

Ready to grow?

How’s it Work?

We offer virtual/online coaching sessions, regardless of your location.

Our RingCentral platform allows our clients and coaches to work together anywhere in the world, offering every client greater continuity, ease, and flexibility.

If you prefer in-person sessions, they’re available at our physical locations throughout the Houston metro area.

Other options can be arranged when requested.


The cost depends on a variety of factors.

The length of time to completion, type of coaching, the goals, assessments utilized, and other data collection needed. Once, we establish these aspects of our work, together, we will provide you with a proposal that includes cost and engagement details.

We also have Coaching Intro Packs and Value Packs.

OUR INTRO PACKS consist of four-week sessions, giving you a chance to try out coaching, and see measurable improvements in your life, relationships, or business performance.

OUR VALUE PACKS, like our Intro Packs, are a three-month series of 50-minute sessions. They’re an investment in yourself and your commitment to your personal growth. They give you time to make considerable progress on your goals and a measurable difference in your life, relationships, and business performance.

All forms of payment are accepted.


Weekly video sessions

Convenient weekly video sessions, where you practice new skills, prepare for your challenges, and work towards your development goals.


Get quick feedback, share updates, and ask questions between sessions.


Bite-sized, personalized exercises, and strategies, for lasting behavior changes.

Behavioral impact assessment and reporting

We partner with you, to identify growth areas, tailor programs to build new skills, and measure impact, to ensure you’re getting the results, you need.

Jump on a call with us. We’ll discover, together, what’s holding you back, and clear the obstacles.

Coaching Services include:

Business Coaching: Entrepreneurs, startups, and business leaders—who are often, owners or executives, improve their interpersonal skill sets, and business process management skills.

Executive Coaching: Processes fostering trust, working through changes in explicit/implicit behaviors, creating patterns of conflict at work, and in interpersonal issues in their private lives.

Leadership Coaching: Performance management and employee engagement; relationship management, between individuals and groups, stuck in conflict.

Team Coaching: High performing individuals, struggling to work together in high-performance teams, working on fostering collaborative breakthrough performance and results.

Coaching Cultures: Building learning agility, human performance improvement, and resiliency to face change.

Career Coaching: Identifying individual strengths, passions and interests, career vision and goals.

Life Coaching: Recognizing and working-through barriers and adjustment issues; developing soft skills like stress management and collaboration, that help make you happier and more effective; finding fulfillment in your work, school success, or community; communication challenges causing you to feel alone and disconnected.

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